Worship is a stand alone interaction with a loving God.  Worship is a complete act in and of itself. It is something to be "lingered over," savored, and soaked in, embraced and made apart of our everyday living.  It is the very reason we were created.  It should never be devalued to the point that we make it the prelude to another event or the "opening act."


Worship comes to us on two levels.  The first level is simply intimate communion with our Lord.  These are times of corporate and individual adoration in many forms.  The second level can take us to powerful times of life-changing prophetic praise and worship.  This is how we feel here at MVC.



Marietta Vineyard Church loves to worship God with a holy abandonment.  Worship is a big part of what we do.  Our services are marked by times of uplifting praise to God for who He is and all He has done, and intimate worship expressing our love, adoration, and desire to follow Him.


Our musicians and team leaders are passionate about praise and worship and desire to give the very best unto the Lord.  They believe in excellence in all they do and bring before God.


Worship is designed and created to be a wonderful transaction between God and His people.  It can be a beautiful give and take of love and strength between two parties who passionately love each other. Come and join with us!

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